Brooklyn + Will

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Noelle Thies


Brooklyn + Will

I met Brooklyn when I moved to Indianapolis. She had just moved to the area from Minnesota and was starting up her lash business and needed clients. She messaged me offering me a discount to do my lashes and at the time I had been heavily thinking about trying lash extensions. Little did I know when I agreed to book an appointment I would become obsessed…over a year later…still obsessed. I also didn’t know that I would be gaining such a great friend! When I met Brooklyn she hadn’t met Will yet and I remember her telling me about him while doing my lashes one day and she was just gushing over him, it was so so cute. Fast forward to when they became official and she did my lashes for my wedding I finally got to meet Will very briefly and he was so sweet. He watched as she did my lashes and was asking questions, we love a supportive boyfriend. Fast forward to when she reached out about doing photos.. I was ALL in. We figured out a day that we could do their photos and also get my lashes filled.

They picked the perfect day, it was nice out and the sun was so pretty. They wanted to do their photos on the top of a parking garage and I was SO excited! I am obsessed with how these turned out. They were seriously so much fun and it was nice getting to learn more about Will! It was so fun to watch them interact, they are seriously SO cute together.

To this day I am SO thankful for Brooklyn sending me that dm on Instagram looking for clients, I gained an insanely talented lash tech AND a friend.

P.S. check out her lashing page: Kindred Beauty Co on Instagram