private First Drink

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Noelle Thies


private First Drink

You may be thinking.. Noelle, what the heck is a private first drink? I’ll tell you!

I had never heard of this or even thought this was a thing until I second shot a wedding with Alisa Nicholle. I instantly fell in love with this idea.

The day start off with getting ready details and photos. Soon after we moved into Kaylee + Ian’s first look. If you know me, you know I am a sucker for first looks. They are almost my favorite part of the day.. we will talk about those another time!

Once the first look and some bride and groom portraits were finished Kaylee + Ian decided it was time for them to share a private drink together before their ceremony. They had a bottle of tequila that they enjoyed and shared a drink privately. I absolutely love this idea and here are a few reason why:

  • This will definitely calm your nerves!

  • On wedding days you don’t really get too much time just the two of you and this allows you to really soak up time together before you do the damn thing!

  • You will get some seriously cute and intimate photos

  • You will get more photos of the two of you from your day!

How do you feel about doing a first drink before your ceremony? Let me know in the comments!