There is quite literally nothing I love more than two people in love. 

I live for that raw, unfiltered, real shit that makes your heart skip a beat. Have you ever looked at someone you love so much it physically hurts?

Well, that is *exactly* why I do what I do.

Being able to capture humans, in their rawest and most real form is easily one of my favorite things in the world. I believe in true candid moments- not moments that *look* candid. The moments that give you butterflies. The moments that make your heart start racing. The moments that capture the true-ness of human connection.

A little more about me

I'm DJ - NTCo.’s badass team photographer and creative assistant.

Saying I am excited to meet you is an understatement. I am so overjoyed, elated, pumped, and fuckin’ stoked to meet you! 

Hey Friends!

So after she took the dreamiest photos for my engagement and wedding, some crazy twists of fate + coincidences brought me here to the NTCo. team + will never look back. 

After spending so long in sales, I had to do some serious self-reflection, and figure out who the hell I was without the mask on. So that being said, I can promise you that when you work with me, you will the whole me. Not the bullshit facade of me, not the person I want you to *think* I am; the real me. You will get your biggest hype-woman, your own personal hair-fixer, and if we do this right, a new friend. When we work together, I promise to capture your real love; intimate, messy, and true. I promise to make you feel like your best self, and show you just how beautiful you are, and I promise to deliver some *damn* good photos. 

If you are looking for posed or staged photos, I’m sorry to tell you I’m not your girl. When we work together, you will not get that from me. You will get candid, raw, and authentic documentation you and everything that you are. None of that fake smile, awkward pose bs. Juse the raw, real, and messy love that makes life worth living.

Immediately, I saw how deeply she cared for her couples, and how hard she worked to build such meaningful and raw relationships with her clients and everyone else around her.

Being able to see first-hand how much Noelle cares for her clients + how hard she has worked to cultivate the NTCo. experience showed me that I wanted to be a part of the magic she was creating. 

The forced connection, the lack of creativity, the emptiness of my client relationships.

Talk about a complete 180. 

I met Noelle in 2021 when I inquired to have her photograph my engagement session + that two hour session became easily one of the best moments of my life. 

I never thought I would be in this industry. When I met Noelle, I had been working in sales for 7 soul-sucking years. I was good at it, but hated every minute of it.

my love languages

I LOVE Dakota. She is truly one of the sweetest yet professional people I have ever met. She sure knows how to capture people's love!” - Elly + Dalton

The Kindest of words

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Second Photographer & Noelle's Right Hand Man

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Noelle Thies

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So, let’s go create some kick-ass memories together! Let’s on an epic adventure + climb a mountain, let’s get steamy in an art museum, let’s share in your most special moments and document those memories in the most authentic way possible, let’s capture your life, your love, *you*.