Everything we do, we do with purpose, heart and passion. From connecting with our couples to how we craft a session or wedding day, we’re here for YOU. 

We approach every second with intention

It tells a story of real love, connection and intimacy. By weaving our documentary style with a deep appreciation for authentic moments, we create a timeless tapestry of all that you are. We are passionate about creating collaborative and comfortable environments where you can be yourselves and trust us to capture all the treasured memories you’ll hold on to forever.


I’m a Chicago, Central Illinois and PNW Wedding Photographer dedicated to capturing unfiltered moments and raw emotions in a way that feels genuine, honest and true to your very core. 

Hi Beautiful Souls, My Name’s Noelle

Hi Beautiful Souls,
My Name’s Noelle

Owner & lead photographer


- Haley

If I am being honest, I teared up when I read Noelle’s intro email. I really don't know why but it was something she said in it that struck a nerve. I knew then this was the person I wanted & needed to shoot our wedding.

This isn't a job. It's a passion. A calling. An honor. it is what I live and breathe and I am so forever in love, and grateful for the privilege to celebrate two souls hopelessly in love. 

Because behind the camera lens, I don't just see two lovers. I see a lifetime of experiences, memories and emotions culminating into this single moment. I wanted to freeze time for THAT. My promise to you is not merely to capture moments, but to unearth the depths of your connection—the kind that's intimate, messy, and so fucking organic. The kind of connection that transcends mere aesthetics and delves deep into the soul.

For the past few years, NTCo. has grown into this insanely genuine and beautiful community of couples and creators. 

During our wedding I kept experiencing all those “I-want-to-bottle-this-up-forever” moments, and I realized there is nothing better than witnessing two souls deeply in love. My entire being came awake to those raw, unfiltered moments that make your heart skip a beat and take your breath away. This one day began my journey to all that NTCo. is today.When I entered the wedding industry, I started off as a damn good wedding coordinator. I coordinated absolutely epic weddings for couples, but that pull to pick up a camera and document all the real moments as they happened became irresistible. 

I first felt the pull of my camera in 2018, but it was Elijah and I's wedding years later that sparked everything.

The Origin Story

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NOELLE'S love languages

Learn more about Elijah

The introverted half of NTCo. (hubby to Noelle) who's always there to make you laugh. 

Second Photographer + Right-hand Man

ElijaH thies

Learn more about DJ

The raw & real hype woman, personal hair fixer & forever friend!

Team Photographer & Official Bestie


Meet the Dream Team


- KC

When I say this team makes art I mean they make ART.

Our passion for capturing authentic love stories goes beyond state lines. So whether you’re wanting an intimate elopement at the Chicago Courthouse or have been dreaming of a wedding in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, we’ll be there in a fuckin’ heartbeat. Thinking about a romantic destination wedding on a Mediterranean beach or in the hills of Tuscany? 

We love to travel

Oh, and one more thing?

Love stories are beautiful BECAUSE of all the forms they take. As a proud part of the LGBTQIA+ community, you never have to worry about feeling unwelcome. We see you, we love you and we celebrate you every. fucking. day. 


Our photography isn't just an investment, it's an elevated experience. NTCo. goes beyond one day. We craft exceptional experiences committed to you, your love, and fulfilling all your wildest desires. The small, intentional details are everything to us because we're devoted to giving you one hell of a meaningful and memorable time.

Refined Experience

Your heart is our art. Superficial simply isn't in our DNA. We want the real you, masks off. The way you look at each other like no one else can. The magnetic way you move together. We'll prompt, but never make you pose. Our art is making sure the photos tell your love story in a million little undeniably you ways.


Cultivating connections is our love language. Our team thrives on lasting, meaningful relationships. We want to know what makes your heart race. What makes you melt into each other. What makes your soul sing. From the moment you say yes to us, we say fucking forever to you. We'll meet you wherever you are every step of the way, because NTCo. Couples are for life ♡


We're baring it all - heart & soul. Love is a song only two entwined hearts can hear. A life history of ups and downs and always choosing each other. It's raw and powerful and intensely one-of-a-kind. It's why some shy away from it. But you can be damn sure we never will. Intimacy is our thing. We're your safe haven to fully unfurl, relax and show off every inch of your love. The light and the dark. The battle scars that say you fought for this love. We document the beauty of it all.


our values

our values

Fallyn + Justin

If you're getting married, hire Noelle as your photographer! Noelle is amazing to work with in every way imaginable. She's highly skilled, professional, the ultimate hype woman, and just an all around great person. My husband and I loved working with her on our wedding day and during the wedding planning process, and our photos are absolutely perfect! We can't say enough good things about Noelle and her work

Molly + Brent

We hired Noelle to capture our May 2022 wedding. She was AMAZING and exceeded any expectations I had for a photographer. In addition to being easy to work with, she provided us with a sneak peak of our day in less than 24 hours! I could not recommend Noelle enough. You will not be disappointed if you book her for your special day.

Anneliese + Henry

Like many others do, we dedicated a lot of time and energy into seeking out someone that we thought would best capture my husband and I's wedding day. I thought it was a hard decision until I ran across Noelle's portfolio. We were blown away by her talent and we knew immediately that we wanted her to capture our day. I could not have been more in love with the pictures we received, they were absolutely beautiful. She is incredible and I cannot recommend her enough!

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